We Create the World's Most Immersive Fitness and Multi-media Environments
Immersive Gym designs and installs luxury, tech-augmented studios for exercise and wellbeing.

One incredible environment,

One incredible environment,

endless possibilities.

endless possibilities.

Humans don’t see the world as a TV screen. Immersive Gym provides an environment that shows the world as we are meant to see it, with an incredibly wide field of view.

Uniquely ultra-wide content dynamically responds to users as they train on devices such as rowing machines, cycle trainers and treadmills - when you pedal faster up a hill, the content will move with you.

Select from the scenes below and experience Immersive Gym in action
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A connected and dynamic space

a connected and dynamic space

Immersive Gym users can easily video call personal trainers and have them appear alongside their content. The use of multiple cameras and body-tracking technology means users and personal trainers have the best possible tools for critiquing and improving their clients’ workouts through referenced learning.

Works with the apps you love.

Works with the apps you love

Immersive Gym allows users to display nearly any of their fitness apps, including Asana Rebel, Zwift, and Peloton, within the enhanced Immersive Gym environment. These applications can be mirrored to each wall, which allows users to be flexible and dynamic with their positioning, while still being able to comfortably view their content.

Train in incredible virtual environments

Train together in incredible bespoke environments

Immersive Gym is using Unreal Engine to create virtual environments. These can take users anywhere they can imagine - from real-world locations such as the Tokyo Olympic rowing course, to bespoke locations never seen before.

And when you're finished training,

And when you've finished training,

the studio becomes your entertainment hub

the studio becomes your entertainment hub.

Immersive Gym’s technology lets users easily change to the ultimate simulation or gaming space. Learn to fly, compete with Formula One legends, game in ultra-wide, watch films and television, or create immersive events.

Integration Options

How the Immersive Gym Experience is Delivered


The Bespoke Immersive Gym is fully integrated, and takes up an entire room, providing floor-to-celing views, customised to a client's needs.


The Standalone unit delivers the full Immersive Gym experience, but is designed for existing spaces.

The unit can be delivered in shorter lead times, and is available in four widths from 4.2 metres to 7 metres.


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