• Ultra-wide 220° immersive environment – only available through Immersive Gym
  • Dedicated account manager and support for installation and content
  • New bespoke content available with lots more planned
  • Easy to use touch screen console and player installed
  • Totally customisable, create your own amazing environments

screen and platform

What is Immersive Gym

A fitness Platform that broadcasts Immersive ultra-wide content and optimises the experience for all leading fitness content providers as well as Immersive Gym’s own ultra-wide connected content under the imersU brand.

What is the Platform?

Using our platform you can stream (or download) very high quality content directly into your room

Specially created for Immersive Gym, our software can fit with your specific room setup and can be used on a wide range of display hardware. Adapting to one or multiple projectors or displays the content is seamlessly blended, giving you a truly immersive experience.

All this is controlled via an easy-to-use interface on a touch screen panel.

What is the user interface?

The User interface is accessed via a dedicated Touch Screen panel or via a control system such as Crestron.

It allows multiple users to have a personal profile that registers their most popular activities to allow them to access their favourite activities quickly and easily.  We aim to have the athlete enjoying their chosen activity within 60 seconds of entering the room!

What content can I access?

Any content that is streamed or downloadable can be accessed and made available on the Platform.  It is also possible to connect AppleTV and other devices and stream that content.

Can I watch TV and movies?

Yes, you can watch any channels that are not restricted by High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)

Can I watch Youtube?

Yes you can.

YouTube and any web-based content can be broadcast . So you can row against champions from past Olympic Games, catch up on surfing videos or play guided meditation videos.

The possibilities are endless!

How is Immersive Gym different?

We are the only provider to offer an ultra-wide, immersive experience to users.

IG adapts to your setup and can be projected onto three walls of a room, giving a truly immersive experience.

No other platform offers this. Image below showing this

virtual rowing gym london

What about content?

Some 3rd party ultra-wide content will be sourced and curated by Immersive Gym and made available for use on the Platform.  This would include ultra-wide environments for use in the Studio for mindfulness, yoga, meditation, mat work and more. Examples of this would be 360º content from specialist providers that includes video scenes from Seychelles Beach, Night Sky, Paddy Fields. Immersive Gym have connections with specialist providers and will negotiate

Under the brand imersU Immersive Gym is creating a growing library of ultra-wide fitness content that can be broadcast in Immersive Gym or across multiple display hardware including ultra-wide gaming monitors and PCs and Laptops. We have started with rowing content as this is one of the most efficient and dynamic indoor fitness exercises using 86% of all muscle groups.  For more information see www.imersU.com. This content is a subscription service – however Immersive Gym owners receive this content free for the first 5 years.

Where can I install Immersive Gym?

Immersive Gym can be installed in any room you would like to use for indoor fitness and wellness training.  You can dedicate a room just for Immersive Gym or use drop-down screens to transform a space at the press of a button.

Residential, Leisure, Yachts, Aviation, Healthcare can all use the Immersive Gym Platform.

Who installs Immersive Gym?

We work with a global network of AV/IT installers.  Together with your designers, architects and AV/IT specialists we will help you to find the best setup for your Immersive Gym.  The install of speakers, projectors, sound systems, cameras and other features, will be carried out by a local AV/IT company.

Can you personalise content for me?

Yes! We have access to a network of camera operators and can capture personalised ultra-wide content.  So if you have a favourite place that you want to immerse yourself in, we can film that for you.

We can include your favourite places, such as a view from your terrace looking over vineyards or your waterside property or your mountain retreat or from the back of your yacht looking over a remote island.  You choose your venue and we will capture it.  For more information contact info@immersivegymco.com.