The first immersive rowing fitness game playable across multiple display devices.


imersu rowing image tokyo

imersU 220

Full Immersive Studio Experience

imersu rowing 90 degrees

imersU 90

Ultra-Wide Monitors

imersu desktop travel

imersU Travel

Standard Monitors

imersU content can be enjoyed across multiple screen types to give you an immersive experience that suits you. From the full 220 ° visual experience in a dedicated space to the 49″ monitors on PCs, laptops and TV screens


Select your course


Paris 2024 Olympic Course

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Course

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Course

rowing courses

New Courses


Rowing For All

Comprehensive Training and Racing options


Compete in your category

complete in your category

Select your standard Beginner to World class

ai racing

8 Lanes of Racing With AI or friends

Select your Time of Day

select time for rowing

Dawn | Day | Late Afternoon | Night

Select the weather conditions

select your weather conditions

Clear Skies | Rain/Snow | Partly Cloudy | Thunder and Lightning

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